Mar 042015

Shelley Row is an executive, speaker, author and… recovering over-thinker. After thirty years as a professional engineer and government executive, she learned that you can’t think your way to the top. Today’s fast-paced world is filled with complexity and change. How do effective leaders lead in this atmosphere when data alone is not enough? Personal interviews with seventy-six respected leaders reveal the secret. These executives gather information and sense their intuition. That powerful combination is what Shelley calls infotuition® – the intersection of business pragmatics and gut feel. The skillful combination of cognitive and intuitive abilities allows leaders to decide and move on without wasting time over-thinking it. The addition of published research on neuroscience transforms intuition from woo-woo and wacko to insightful and practical.

Today, Shelley is a sought-after speaker, author and executive coach who works with managers and leaders who must make fast, insightful decisions in the face of rapid change. Her one-of-a-kind programs provide practical, effective skills that can be put to use immediately using her Cognition-Intuition Balance Model.

Shelley’s latest book, Think Less. Live More. Lessons from a Recovering Over-Thinker, was just released. Follow her work through Twitter, @ShelleyRow, or sign up for the Newsletter for Recovering Over-Thinkers at