Dec 062015

Michael Bryant is Founder and President of Peak Harvest Coaching, a leadership development and coaching firm that was founded on cultivating the soil of leadership. Michael has been a coach to executives in a Fortune 20 company, CEO’s of mid-size businesses, VPs, and shop floor managers. He brings over 35 years of leadership and entrepreneurial experience to bear as a Coach, Mentor, and Advisor. With strengths in personal development, team building and strategic planning, he equips business and non-profit leaders with the tools they need to achieve excellence in both work and life.

He invested 28 years with a Fortune 50 retail company and started multiple small businesses giving him a breadth of experience and success from which to draw. Michael is known for his engaging personality and his ability to listen and ask key questions to discover issues of concern. He has been a mentor, friend, and confidant to executives, leaders, and frontline employees for decades because of his integrity, trust and servant’s heart.

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