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Realizing Leadership magazine focuses on leaders like you who want to better understand the various aspects of leadership, develop your skills and improve as a leader.

“From the first issues to this month Realizing Leadership keeps getting better. The app is awesome; I found a couple new features. The content is extremely valid for my life. I can use these principles and ideas in my work life and my personal life.

I love this magazine.

If you want articles that will help you grow as a person as well in your business life, YOU HAVE TO GET THIS NOW. DON’T WAIT!!!!”

~ sthornton72


In this issue:
+ In Conversation with Bill Treasurer with Laurie Wilhelm
+ Twelve Things Daring Leaders and Smart Followers Share by Jane Perdue
+ Why Pausing is such an Important Leadership Skill, and How to Do It by Lisa Kohn
+ Mentoring Matters: Janey Piroli with Glain Roberts-McCabe
+ Six Enablers to Building Organizational Change Adaptability by Jim Taggart
+ From Resolution to Lifestyle: This is Your Year by Doug Dickerson
+ Want to be a Trusted Leader? Ask Questions by Jill Malleck
+ What’s Holding You Back? by Karyn Buxman
+ Dump the Dictionary and Learn the True Meaning of Resiliency by Eileen McDargh


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