Feb 082016

John Milani is a consultant with AlixPartners, a world-renowned turnaround and restructuring firm, providing leadership and support to clients in the most difficult of circumstances. He has had the privilege of leading thousands of people in both small and large organizations. He is passionate about problem-solving and has made a career of leading and, when called upon, rescuing large projects.

His motive to write about his leadership experiences in his book, The Evergreen Leader, came about when his son was about to take on his first leadership role as a lieutenant in the US Army, giving him a practical guide to become a leader people would want to follow.


The Evergreen Leader

a Series by John Milani
1. A process for becoming and staying a leader who people want to follow.
2. Building the Trust of Others in You
3. Building the Ability to Influence
4. Building the Ability to Engage Others to Follow You
5. Staying a leader people want to follow