Jan 082016

“Through my life in martial arts, I transformed myself from dropout, drug abuser and failure to successful entrepreneur and Black Belt. Over 30 years of practice, study and teaching, I’ve developed the tools you need to master your life, career and business. I share the principles of Black Belt Mindset, and teach you how to use those principles to reach your fullest potential— and help other people reach theirs!”

As a business speaker, trainer and author of THINK Like a BLACK BELT and THE SENSEI LEADER, Jim Bouchard is in demand internationally, touring and speaking to corporate and conference audiences. He appears regularly on TV and radio including such programs as BBC Worldview and FOX News.

His newest book, 8 Strategies for Effective Leaders, explores current leadership styles, and offers actionable tactics every leader can use to be more effective—“straight forward and applicable for any industry and ANY role.”