Dec 062015

In Conversation with Shawn Murphy


“Culture is how things get done around an organization.
Climate is what it feels like to work somewhere.”
~ Shawn Murphy


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In Conversation with Shawn Murphy
Shawn Murphy has over 20-years experience as an organizational change and culture transformation expert, author, teacher, and speaker. He’s been recognized by and The Huffington Post for his thought leadership on developing leaders. He was hand picked to be part of IBM’s elite Futurist Group that advises and gives input on topics related to new ways to work.

Shawn is the CEO and Founder of Switch & Shift, an organization dedicated to developing and advancing human-centered organizational practices. Starting his career in mergers and acquisitions while working for a U.S. Bank, Shawn honed his skills in helping people, teams, and companies successfully navigate organizational and culture changes.

Shawn’s debut book, The Optimistic Workplace, shares path-breaking beliefs and simple techniques to help leaders at all levels positively shift not only how people perform but also how they feel while at work.

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