Sep 032015

In Conversation with Jackie Barretta


“Encourage the expression of negativity. Give people a positive place to do it by allowing them to talk about how they’re really feeling.”
~ Jackie Barretta

In Conversation with Jackie Barretta
Jackie Barretta discusses the benefits and consequences of positive, negative, and heart-felt emotions in a team and what leaders need to do to activate them. But it’s not just the team’s emotions that matter. The leader’s emotions play the main role and Jackie gives us ways to not only tap into our emotions, but also get them back on track when they try to derail us.

Jackie has a twenty-five year history as a successful Fortune 500 C-level executive and Big Four consultant in the Information Technology industry. She has led large organizations with hundreds of employees through challenging times and major transformations. Jackie is a Founding Partner of Nura Group, a consulting firm dedicated to enhancing team innovation and performance. She specializes in defining the super-energy of elite teams and helping organizations create it in their own teams and is the author of Primal Teams: Harnessing the Power of Emotions to Fuel Extraordinary Performance.

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