May 022015

In Conversation with Fred Kiel:
The Leader’s Character Matters


“Strong character is just the source code for effective leadership.”
~ Fred Kiel


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In Conversation with Fred Kiel:
The Leader’s Character Matters

Fred Kiel is KRW International co-founder and principal, Fred Kiel, Ph.D., brings years of experience in leadership consulting from Fortune 500 companies and large, privately held organizations. He has advised individuals who have become CEOs of complex businesses, most with multi-billion-dollar top lines.

Fred understands that business success starts in the heads and hearts of leadership – creating an enthusiastic, creative, retained talent pool. Helping CEOs gain alignment of their vision all the way to the front-line worker can create immediate bottom-line results.

Fred’s book, Return on Character, published by Harvard Business Review Press, summarizes seven years of research on the connection between the character of the CEO and return on assets.

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