Jan 052015

In Conversation with Randy Hall: Engaging Leadership


“I think leadership is more influence rather than authority or power. It is the ability to help people see a different perspective, make different choices, accomplish more than they could have without the leader present. Power doesn’t necessarily do those things. Authority is good at getting compliance.”
~ Randy Hall


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In Conversation with Randy Hall
Randy Hall has worked with organizations of all sizes from Fortune 25 businesses to small- and mid-size organizations to help them effectively execute change, develop leaders, engage employees, and reach their full potential as a business. Randy serves as a consultant, coach, and facilitator to help companies lead change and build organizations that engage employees, dramatically improve results, and sustain growth. He has directly coached CEOs and senior leaders in ways that cause them to shift their perspective, consider new approaches, and ultimately become significantly more effective at leading people, teams, and businesses. In roles such as Senior Vice President, Learning and Leadership Development at Bank of America and Global Director of Learning and Development at Pfizer, Randy has orchestrated and facilitated changes within companies. He is uniquely positioned to coach, train, and support organizations and individuals who want to accomplish more and who would like the support of an outside partner dedicated to helping them do just that.

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