Apr 042014

In Conversation with Dr. Kathy Cramer:
Positive Leadership


“Asset-based thinking is a way of shining the spotlight of your attention on what is working, on what’s valuable, on what is strong, and what’s possible. … We need to train ourselves, through intention and practice, to be more sensitive and more responsive sooner to the positive side.”
~ Dr. Kathy Cramer

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Dr. Kathy Cramer
In Conversation with Dr. Kathy Cramer: Positive Leadership
Dr. Cramer is passionate about possibilities and potential. Emmy-winner, business consultant, psychologist, and author, Dr. Cramer has written nine books, including the best-selling Change the Way You See Everything. She created and has dedicated her life to Asset-Based Thinking (ABT), which is a way of looking at the world that helps leaders, influencers, and their teams make small shifts in thinking to produce extraordinary impact. Her latest book, Lead Positive: What Highly Effective Leaders See, Say and Do, shows leaders how to increase their effectiveness through her revolutionary mindset management process, Asset-Based Thinking.


Patty Azzarello
Naughty or Nice?
Patty Azzarello is an executive with more than 25 years of experience working in high tech and business. She has held leadership roles in General Management, Marketing, Software Product Development and Sales. She has been successful in running and transforming large and small businesses, and has significant international management experience.

Patty became the youngest general manager at HP at the age of 33. She ran a $1B software business at the age of 35 and became a CEO for the first time at the age of 38 (without turning into a self-centered, miserable jerk). Her prior roles have included: Vice President and General Manager of HP OpenView, Chief Marketing Officer for Siebel Systems, and President and CEO of Euclid Software.

Patty Azzarello is the founder of Azzarello Group, which works with CEOs and leadership teams to help their businesses (and people) get better at what they do. She is the author of the best selling book RISE: 3 Practical Steps to Advancing Your Career, Standing Out as a Leader (and Liking Your Life).

For more information about Patty, please go to www.AzzarelloGroup.com and follow Patty on Twitter at @pattyazzarello.


Nancy Daniels
Captivating Your Audience Means Speaking from Both Your Head and Your Heart
The Voice Lady Nancy Daniels offers private, corporate and group workshops in voice and presentation skills as well as Voicing It!, the only video training program on voice improvement. Get started improving your presentation skills using Nancy’s free eBook, The #1 Secret for Improving Your Speaking Voice. To discover the best means of adding some life to your voice and your delivery, watch a brief video as The Voice Lady describes Dynamic Public Speaking and visit her website, VoiceDynamic.com, for more information and resources to enhance your speaking skills.


Jayne Jenkins
Apathy and Leadership
Jayne Jenkins is a Fortune 500 Leadership business veteran working for some of the largest companies in the world including Exxon, AstraZeneca and Sanofi. For over twenty-three years, Jayne refined her team development and leadership capabilities, and built finely-tuned sales teams, responsible for delivering annual sales over $600M. Through her effective leadership and collaboration, Jayne and her team took market share of a $4Bn business unit from 32 to 41% in just four years. Jayne has also been successful in Marketing, Strategic Operations and Organization Development, so she understands many key business areas.

Jayne founded Churchill Leadership Group, an Executive Consulting and Coaching Company and is a Member of the ManagingAmericans.com Expert Panel. Churchill’s mission is to increase organizational effectiveness by growing leadership skills and employee engagement through a focus on STRENGTHS for sustainable results. This enables corporate teams, across industries, to enjoy outstanding results.

Jayne worked with Marcus Buckingham, renowned author/STRENGTHS expert (Now Discover Your Strengths/First Break All the Rules/STAND OUT), and his team to become a “Master Strengths Coach and Workshop Facilitator.”


Terri Klass
Should Leaders Share Their Personal Stories?
Terri Klass founded Terri Klass Consulting over twenty years ago to partner with organizations to create cultures of empowerment and develop future leadership. She delivers highly successful workshops and programs to serve engineers, scientists, sales representatives, accounting and finance managers, IT professionals, HR directors and manufacturing supervisors. She is also a speaker and author of articles about working with the different generations in the workplace. Terri has an MBA, is Myers-Briggs certified and her specialties include: Assertive Communication; Leadership Development; Conflict Resolution; Change; Coaching; Team Building; Differences in Generations. Follow Terri on Twitter @TerriKlass and on Facebook.


Susan Mazza
How to Deal with the Expectations vs. Reality Gap
A catalyst for conversations that matter, relationships that work and results that inspire, Susan Mazza serves leaders and their organizations as a Leadership Coach, Change Agent and Motivational Speaker. Named one of the Top 100 Thought Leaders by Trust Across America in 2013, she is known for her ability to bring clarity to complex issues, as well as transform theory and ideas into effective action and results.

With a passion for unleashing the human spirit at work, Susan has cultivated a culture of leadership and accountability in organizations around the world. As a master facilitator, she also has extensive experience transforming dysfunctional groups into collaborative teams.

One of the founding Members of The Lead Change Group, a non-profit, global leadership community, Susan also co-authored The Character-Based Leader: Instigating a Revolution of Leadership One Person at a Time.

With her unique understanding of human systems, she has worked successfully with many types and sizes of organizations and with people around the world including: Fortune 500, small- and medium-sized businesses, non-profits as well as K-12 schools and their districts. Her clients include: Prudential Financial, Tyco, AT&T, Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Lucent Technologies, The Morristown Partnership and The Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education. Susan also actively supports the Women’s Business Center at FIT.

To learn more about Susan, go to her website at RandomActsOfLeadership.com. She can be reached via e-mail at Susan@RandomActsOfLeadership.com or by phone at (772) 539-7003. Follow Susan on Twitter @susanmazza and on Facebook: Random-Acts-of-Leadership.


Mitch McCrimmon
Vision and Leadership
Mitch McCrimmon, Ph.D., specializes in management assessment at all levels, executive coaching and career transition counselling. He has worked as a consultant for 25 years with 10 previous years in various HR roles. His consulting career started in Canada with KPMG and continued with them in the UK before joining PA Consulting Group in 1989. He has been Managing Partner, Self Renewal Group since 1994. Mitch has designed assessment centres for executive selection, leadership development and succession planning across a range of private and public sector organizations; he uses a range of psychometric questionnaires and reasoning tests as well. He was an executive coach for the leadership development program of Ashridge Business School in the UK from 2001 to 2006 before returning to Canada.

Mitch obtained a BA in Psychology and MA in Philosophy from the University of Manitoba and a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Western Ontario in 1975. While he was in the UK, he obtained the Chartered Psychologist designation with the British Psychological Society. He writesextensively on leadership and related topics with articles published in the Ivey Business Journal, The Canadian Manager and Management Issues among other publications.

For more information, please go to Lead2xl.com.


Erin Schreyer
Are You a Win-Win Leader?
Before entering the world of small business ownership, Erin Schreyer had more than fifteen years of highly successful career experience in business development, recruiting, organizational effectiveness and leadership. Her leadership philosophy includes a bias toward empowering leaders at all levels within an organization, helping them to leverage their strengths and add their greatest value to both business and people.

Erin is an ICF-accredited and Certified Leadership and Talent Management Coach, a Certified Strengths Trainer and Adjunct Faculty for The Marcus Buckingham Company, as well as a founding member of The John Maxwell Team of Certified Coaches, Trainers and Speakers. She was extremely honored to be personally invited into the program by Maxwell himself, after meeting him on several occasions and being one of the first entrepreneurs to offer the Leadercast simulcast, originally created by Maxwell’s company.

Additionally, she is very active in the non-profit community and provides board leadership and volunteer hours to several organizations that give back to the community and people in need. She is also honored to be a contributing member of the Lead Change Group, a professional community of character-based leaders who are focused on making a difference via leadership.