Jun 172015

Danny Cox is an Accelerationist, one who causes faster movement, higher efficiency and increased productivity.

He spent ten years flying supersonic fighters in the US Air Force. In addition, he was a test pilot, air show pilot, and a speaker to civilian organizations in surrounding cities that were hard hit by sonic booms. He was internationally known as The Sonic Boom Salesman.

Entering civilian life, he joined one of the nation’s largest sales companies. A year later, he was promoted to sales manager and guided his office in its record-breaking pace of tripling old records. Four years after joining that corporation he was promoted to Vice President and assigned a district of eight offices. By teaching the same sound leadership principles to the eight branch managers that he had used old records were shattered.

Highly acclaimed platform skills have earned Danny a place in the Speaker Hall of Fame and is an elected member of the elite Speakers Roundtable, a group of twenty of the most popular speakers in North America.

He is the author of Leadership When the Heat’s On, Seize the Day, and There Are No Limits. These books are now in 27 languages.

Visit Danny’s website at DannyCox.com.