May 022015

Colin Gautrey has been focusing on helping people to develop their influencing capability for nearly ten years now. He works with individuals and teams from middle management right up to C-Suite level, mainly in large corporations. This experience has enabled him to see what works and what doesn’t work. To back this up, he’s done quite a bit of research and a great deal of reading on the subject. In many ways, he’s viewed as a middleman between academia and real life.

And one of the many things he has noticed is that it is necessary to keep things simple so people can move fast. Well, most people are already moving fast; so, in reality, it’s more a question of landing simple ideas as they fly past so that they can become even more successful. With this in mind, he created the Influence Blog.

Before he became fascinated by influence in the workplace, he learned through intense experiences in the corporate world. So, he knows first-hand what it is like to be where you are right now. His experience spans many different roles such as compliance, IT, sales management, organisational development, training, international strategy, mergers and even crisis management. Through all of this, he has maintained a strong focus on tangible results and a passionate approach to learning every step of the way. What he enjoys most is helping those around him to become more successful while running fast.

Learn more about Colin at, and follow him on Twitter @ColinGautrey.