Jun 112017

Karen Schmidt is the Frontline Leadership expert. Originally a Human Resources practitioner, she has been nurturing frontline leaders for more than 20 years. Her experience comes from working with organisations of all shapes and sizes across a wide range of industries in big cities and regional centres.

In addition to Karen’s practical experience, she holds a degree in Adult Education and formal qualifications in Human Resource Management. She has authored five books including Greenhousing: nurturing the next crop of leaders and Green Thumb Leader: how to grow from a frontline manager into a frontline leader.

Today Karen works with current and future leaders across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. Her clients include corporates, government, professional associations, not for profits and small business.

Jun 112017

Karyn Buxman is an international speaker, successful author, and neurohumorist (living at the intersection of the brain and humor). Karyn is a pioneer in the field of applied humor, starting with her masters thesis in graduate school and now continues her partnerships with leading neuroscientists. Today Karyn helps leaders—and those they serve—achieve peak performance and optimum health through the art and science of applied humor.

More than 500 organizations—including NASA, the Mayo Clinic and the Million Dollar Round Table have hired Karyn to entertain, educate, and inspire their audiences again and again. She is one of 227 people in the world—and one of only 39 women—to be inducted into the National Speaker’s Association’s Speaker Hall of Fame. Karyn’s mission: To improve global health, business, and peace through laughter and heal the humor-impaired.