Jan 082016

Amber Lineback began her career in IT, but quickly learned that she was best at the people side of the business. She moved into communications and then into organizational effectiveness, and there she discovered the ”sweet spot” of her career. “I love facilitating and coaching,” she says. “My interests include culture-building workshops, vision-building sessions, assessment debriefs and action plans, and leadership development. Helping individuals and teams tap into new ways to be even more successful is always a win-win experience for me, because I take something away from the interaction that help me be more effective as well. My work taps into the authenticity and best in each of us—and when that surfaces, magic happens.”

Amber will tell you that her passion is learning—in all its forms. “I believe it happens when we bump into something different,” she says, “Whether it is experiencing a different culture through travel or helping a team work through conflict. Growth is a life-long process, and there’s a wise saying that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. I get a kick out of being the student as much as being the teacher.”

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