Dec 202014

Fiona Cohn is a skilled leadership, communications and engagement, and business growth professional with a wealth of experience working with corporate and SME businesses in sectors as diverse as insurance, distilling, international courier services, creative industries, sport, IT and telecommunications. Her particular skill is in culture, change and empowering people in business.

Over the last decade, she has specialised in corporate and internal communications, leadership development, business transformation, consultation, organisational and business change and employee engagement. She has successfully embedded change, making it work for staff and the organisation.

In addition to coaching and mentoring, she is an engaging trainer covering a variety of leadership and communication disciplines. A qualified coach, she currently works with business owners, senior staff and teams, helping them improve their personal effectiveness and time management, strategic thinking, plan more effectively and improve their performance and business relationships.

Fiona’s client-led, pragmatic and goal centered approach is designed to achieve improvements in performance. Additionally, her clients benefit from increased confidence, more focus and more structured, client focused ways of working. She provides a balanced external perspective and holds her clients to account so that they take action, implement changes and make sustained improvement.

For more information, go to Fiona’s website at, follow her on Twitter @Excel_arate and Facebook: ExcelarateUK.